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MOZA iFocus M Ultra-compact Wireless Lens Motor

MOZA iFocus-M – New Lightweight Focus Motor for MOZA Air 2

Gudsen MOZA iFocus-M - New Lightweight Focus Motor for MOZA Air 2

Gudsen is introducing a new compact, and lightweight follow focus motor unit, designed especially for the MOZA Air 2 gimbal. The MOZA iFocus-M only weighs 88g, has a quiet high-torque micro motor, and it can also connect to the MOZA HandUnit for enhanced controls and distance.

The new MOZA iFocus-M. Source: Gudsen

iFocus Wireless Follow Focus Motor

Just a few days ago, we reported about the new firmware for the Gudsen MOZA Air 2 gimbal. Now, the popular 3-axis stabilizer gets another enhancement in the form of a new follow focus motor unit – the MOZA iFocus-M.

Gudsen MOZA already has one follow focus motor unit in their portfolio – the MOZA iFocus, which is also meant to be used with the MOZA Air 2 gimbal. Why does the company introduce a new motor and what is the difference to the original iFocus? Let’s take a look at the new MOZA iFocus-M.

MOZA iFocus-M

Exactly like the iFocus, The iFocus-M has a 15mm rod clamp to hold it in place on the side of the lens. The new iFocus-M, however, only has a 2.4GHz wi-fi connection option. It does not have a Bluetooth module and therefore cannot be controlled via the app, like the iFocus.

Another difference is its weight – the iFocus-M only weighs 88g (3.1oz), while the iFocus weights 198g (7oz) and a slightly bigger body. The iFocus has a built-in battery for up to 24 hours operation, yet the new iFocus-M does not have an internal battery at all and is powered directly through the MOZA Air 2 via a cable connection.

iFocus-M mounted on the MOZA Air 2. Source: Gudsen

The micro brushless motor within the iFocus-M has a high maximum torque of 0.25Nm. Due to the precise construction and high-quality bearings, the whole unit should produce very low noise – even at high speeds. The iFocus-M gear has 40 teeth with a standard 0.8 module.

It’s motor unit has one USB-C port and a Multi CAN connector to communicate with the gimbal. The MOZA iFocus-M can be used to control focus, zoom or iris of most lenses directly via the gimbal handgrip or after connecting to the MOZA HandUnit.

The new MOZA iFocus-M. Source: Gudsen

The iFocus-M can pair with the MOZA HandUnit, which can wirelessly control the lens from up to 100 meters (328′) distance. The HandUnit features an OLED display to monitor the real-time status and parameters of the motor. Users can set and adjust both endpoints to fit different focus rotation values of different lenses. Adjustable guidance allows to record the first focus process to the HandUnit and then let it automatically, repeatedly cycle through the process, which can be useful for repeated shots.